The City of Hilliard is a very caring and charitable community. Our quality of life is only outpaced by the community’s willingness to step up during challenging times to donate, volunteer and support organizations and charities who do important and, in some cases, life-saving work. The following list, including descriptions, highlights those organizations that are connected to our Hilliard community.
Columbus Humane

3015 Scioto-Darby Executive Court, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

(614) 777-7387

Columbus Humane

Our approach

Our approach to advancing animal welfare is based on the belief that innovation should be constant. And that moving forward with thought-leading programs that enrich, fulfill and, yes, save lives is more than a goal. It’s a given. When you provide resources that open doors, offer help, share knowledge, and invite involvement, you are raising the bar. For pets. For people. For the entire community. When that happens, everyone thrives.

Adopt –

It’s a life-changing experience. For them. And for you.

Volunteer –

We’re looking for people who share our passion. Are you in?

Give –

Your support in the form of a one-time, recurring monthly or tribute gift allows us to fight animal cruelty, help animals in need and advocate for their well-being.

Help –

Our team is expertly trained and authorized to lead the community’s efforts to end animal cruelty. From responding to reports from concerned citizens, to conducting comprehensive investigations, to supporting the work of prosecutors when cases go to trial.

Any size gift impacts our animals. We rely heavily on your support to provide the highest quality of care. We are not a government agency and we are not a part of a national organization. We are a local, private 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with law enforcement responsibilities. Your investment helps animals and people in critical need of support.

Contribute online, by phone or by mail.

Dots Tots

Dot’s Tots Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit established in 2012 to provide support to families offering foster care, children with debilitating disease, injury, and/or illness; and teenagers in their higher educational pursuits.

Since Ashley Warnock began her career in social work, she has been involved in serving the needs of local youth. After years with the Delaware County Job and Family Services working as a Children’s Services caseworker, Ashley joined Viaquest in the private sector, a local agency contracted to run group homes for underprivileged teens. There, Ashley worked directly with troubled children who had spent their entire lives in and out of foster care. The job was emotional, but so very rewarding. However, upon the birth of her first son in October, 2011, Ashley retired from the workforce to be a homemaker.While caring for her son, Ashley had a yearning to work with children again. This fueled a conversation between she and her husband, Andy. Interestingly enough, Andy had investigated the formation of a charity to support needy families years earlier. The culmination of their joint vision was the establishment of Dot’s Tots in the Summer of 2012. The name of the Foundation is in honor of Andy’s late grandmother, Dorotha Warnock. Dorotha was a lifelong educator and constant provider of guidance, support, and love to all of her students and especially her grandchildren. This Foundation carries her legacy forward.

Dot’s Tots Foundation Provides support to:

  • families providing foster care
  • children with debilitating disease, injury, and/or illness
  • teenagers in their higher educational pursuits

Through Ashley’s work in the foster care arena, she realized the scarce resources foster parents are provided to care for their growing families. Most foster parents are sacrificing their own wants to provide for less fortunate children. Dot’s Tots Foundation will be equipped to give back to these families. By providing groceries, toiletries, family get-aways, and other assistance, Dot’s Tots will lessen the burden on these noble individuals.

In addition to working with foster families, Dot’s Tots will provide support to those families whose children are recovering from – or battling – serious disease, traumatic injury, and/or life-threatening illness. By granting wishes and financial resources to ailing children, Dot’s Tots will bring joy to those in the greatest need of smiles and laughter.

Finally, Dot’s Tots will provide annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors to help offset the rising costs of college tuition. Through an application process, local highschoolers will be afforded the opportunity to garner monies – up to $5,000 per scholarship – to pursue a college degree.

Ashley serves as the Foundation’s Executive Director; Andy is the Chairman of the Board. The two live in Hilliard with their two sons, Cason and Palmer, and two daughters, Aniston and Berkley

Your donation matters! With a donation to Fostering Love, YOU make a difference in the lives involved with the foster care system. With your donation, you join us hand in hand in making every agency seen, every family known, and every child loved.

Families for a Cure

Supports cancer research projects, patient care, and advocacy programs.It started with a partnership in 2006 when Pat Puhl and Eric Friedman met for lunch. Pat was the host of The Double Bogey Invitational (DBI), a golf tournament he planned to turn into a fundraiser.

Eric had established The MJF Fund for Cancer Research, a research fund he created in memory of his parents who both lost their battles with cancer. Eric wanted to host a charity golf outing to use as a fundraiser. After discussing the possibilities of their partnership, they agreed to co-host The DBI and raise money for cancer research.

During 2009, they realized they had built something special after raising $25,000 and selling out the golf outing and creating a “waiting list” of guests that wanted to attend. And that’s when the concept of establishing Families for a Cure was born. Eric and Pat, along with a small, motivated group of volunteers, founded Families for a Cure with the goal of uniting others impacted by the disease to raise money that will help advance cancer research and provide patient care. Our goal is to raise $1 million by 2021.


Throughout the year we create fun experiences that bring together our family of supporters to celebrate the lives of the people we know who are battling, have battled and won as well as those we’ve lost to cancer. Many of these events are fundraisers that provide the necessary funding needed to fulfill the promises we’ve made to fund cancer research and patient care programs.

As an organization, we pride ourselves on our ability to use the money raised from these events, add it to the donations and support we receive from our business sponsors, and make the money do work that alone none of the individual support received could do. That’s the power of the family!


Because the need is so big, we’ve decided to support all types of cancer projects, all patients (kids, adults, men, women, friends, family, aunt, uncles, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, co-workers — you get the point), anywhere throughout the world, although we primarily fund projects within Ohio. The grants we provide are not general use grants – anyone can give to a general use project. Rather, we give donor designated grants so that we can monitor and share the impact that our family of supporters provides.

Every year, our Board members discuss the many cancer research and patient care programs that apply for grants to determine how we can deliver the most value for the grant money we can give.

To help us narrow our decisions, we look for opportunities that fit within the following criteria:

  • Have never been funding (start-up projects)
  • Used to be funded and need funding to restart providing benefits
  • Need funding to continue (may no longer be offered if funding not provided)
  • We also have our own program, The Allison Orlando Wood Patient Experience grant that provides individuals or groups impacted by cancer with a grant to go and experience something fun to take a break from their daily reality, celebrate life and create memories. To learn more about this program or apply, visit the Experience Grant page.

Board of Directors

  • Pat Puhl, President
  • Eric Friedman, Vice President
  • Bill Bookmyer, Treasurer
  • Shannon Puhl,vSecretary
  • Michelle Thomas, Director
  • Paul Rockwell, Director
  • Brad Koniewich, Director
  • Mark Rickel, Director
  • Sean Williams, Director
  • Wes Kelsey, Director
  • Kim Orr, Director
Hilliard Adopt a House

Provide funding, leadership and volunteers to facilitate the construction of affordable housing for economically disadvantaged families in partnership with established nonprofit housing organizations.

Hilliard Adopt-A-House is a non-profit, 501(c)3 public charity located in the northwest suburbs of the Greater Columbus, Ohio area. Our mission is to bring affordable housing to economically disadvantaged families, most commonly in partnership with Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio and with Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties. Affiliated churches are from greater Columbus communities.

The following churches participate in this critical ministry with their financial support and their faithful volunteers:

  • Amlin United Methodist Church, Dublin, Ohio
  • Indian Run United Methodist Church, Dublin, Ohio
  • King Avenue United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
  • Linworth United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
  • St. Brendan The Navigator Catholic Church, Hilliard, Ohio
  • St. James Lutheran Church, Hilliard, Ohio

As a public charity we also receive financial and volunteer support from other organizations and individuals. Most of this support comes from the personal or professional relationships of constituents and members of these six churches, although Hilliard Adopt-A-House does solicit financial support from other sources as well.

Board of Directors

  • Howard Baulch, President & Founder,
  • John Strand, Treasurer,
  • Mary Sims, Secretary & Founder,
  • Grant Fish, Founder
  • Mary Ann Fish, Founder,
  • Paula Santa, Founder
  • Bonnie Roberts, Member
  • Larry Ziniel, Member
  • Larry Hutchison, Member,
  • Tod Powers, Member
  • Howard Draves, Member
Hilliard Arts Council


Hilliard Civic & Cultural Arts Center

5425 Center Street, Hilliard, Ohio 43026


Hilliard Arts Council

The Hilliard Arts Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to enhance the cultural and economic vitality of Hilliard by inspiring, enlivening and educating our citizens through the arts.

Our work includes producing community theatrical productions throughout the year including a larger musical in the summer; providing an annual Summer Concert Series – free to the community; the Hilliard Arts Council Pop-up Art Studio – traveling art opportunities for artists of all ages to indulge their need to create! Offerings of summer opportunities to youth from 1st-9th grades with Drama, Improv Comedy and Art Camp Extreme; the Hilliard Arts Council
Gallery that features local artists during our Fall, Winter and Spring theater season.
Additionally, we sponsor the Greater Columbus Community Orchestra, which provides several concerts throughout the year as well as the Hilliard Community Chorus, and the Hilliard Youth Choir. Finally, HAC helps support the Old Hilliardfest which occurs on the second weekend in September, provides art scholarships to local high school students and seeks to support and nurture local art and artists, be they painters, sculptors, actors, musicians and more.

Robin Brenneman, Executive Director

Our Board:

  • Kurt Zielenbach, President
  • Linda Sheppard, Vice-President
  • Barbara Keith, Treasurer
  • Amy McClanahan, Secretary
  • Kelley Daniel
  • Matt Garrido
  • Ken Hagy
  • Ashley Harmon
  • Tim Kauffman
  • David Norton
  • Becky Rehbeck
  • DJ Williams
  • Beth Simon, Hilliard City Board Liaison
Hilliard Community Foundation

The opening of the Hilliard Civic & Cultural Arts Center was an exciting and proud moment for the Hilliard Community Foundation. The Foundation was started by a conversation to meet the space needs of many groups like the Hilliard Historical Society, the Franklin County Agricultural Society, the Hilliard Arts Council, and the American Legion. Many years of dedicated leadership and fundraising produced a building that provided a home and met needs of the Hilliard Arts Council.

The Hilliard Community Foundation serves to help those in the Hilliard School District as a conduit to share resources and opportunities to better our community. We accept donations to help provide funding for projects that come through the grant application process.

Hilliard Food Pantry

Our mission

The mission of Hilliard Food Pantry is simple – improve the well-being of our community by providing food and support. Founded over 55 years ago, it has been funded entirely from contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations.

The Hilliard Food Pantry is operated by the Hilliard Community Assistance Council (HCAC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is managed by a volunteer board of not more than eleven members. There is one full-time employee for the pantry.

In 2019, the Hilliard Food Pantry saw 4936 visits from families in our community. Families are eligible to receive a 5 day supply of food once a month. The organization formed in 1960 and incorporated in 1963.

The majority of the food, perishable and non-perishable comes from Mid-Ohio Foodbank or one of its sources. Very important to the pantry is retail pickup. We pick up from Aldi, GFS, Big Lots, Giant Eagle, Target and Kroger. These donations are perishable foods such as produce and meat. Food is also donated from the restaurants, Little Caesars and Dickeys BBQ Pit. Non-perishable food is received from individual donations and the many food drives that run throughout the year.

How can you help the Hilliard Food Pantry?

  • Organize a food drive and/or fundraiser at work, through your church, or even in your neighborhood. The possibilities to organize a food drive are up to you!
  • In lieu of gifts (birthday, anniversary, etc.), you could request food and/or personal care items that could be donated to the Hilliard Food Pantry
  • Donate extra produce from your garden
  • Become a regular volunteer with the Hilliard Food Pantry. You could be responsible for stocking shelves, shopping with clients or helping with food donation intake.
  • On occasion, we need help to sort large donations.
  • Become a driver in our Direct Retail Pickup Program

Our operations are funded by generous donations from friends and neighbors. Your tax-deductible contribution will help purchase food such as oil or eggs and provide utility assistance
to families in the Hilliard area. For your convenience, we have three easy ways to make a charitable contribution to the Hilliard Food Pantry – online, by mail or in person.

Pantry Hours:

  • Tuesday 10am – 1pm
  • Thursday 6pm – 8pm
  • Saturday 9am – 12pm
Hilliard Historical Society

The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society is a non-profit, 501©(3) organization which relies heavily on private contributions to supplement public funds. Through the generosity of individuals, local area businesses, grants and fund raising the society is able to maintain the upkeep and restoration of the numerous exhibits and buildings in the historical village.

The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society and Museum was incorporated November 11, 1966. The society’s main objective was to create a historical village and museum which would preserve the early pioneer life of the community of Hilliard, Ohio and the northwest section of Franklin County. The society was given a lease for part of Weaver Park on which to build a museum and establish a historical village. The Hilliard Ohio Historical Society is a non-profit, 501©(3) organization which relies heavily on private contributions to supplement public funds. Through the generosity of individuals, local area businesses, grants and fund raising the society is able to maintain the upkeep and restoration of the numerous exhibits and buildings in the historical village.

Society’s Mission

To create a historical village and museum which would preserve the early pioneer life of the community of Hilliard, Ohio, and the northwest section of Franklin County.

The Society has many opportunities to volunteer. Below are many of the current opportunities available. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like. If there is something that you are interested in doing that is not listed below, please call the office or attend one of the monthly meetings to talk about your idea.

Hilliard Kiwanis Club

The Hilliard Kiwanis Club is dedicated to serving the local community through various service and fundraising projects. Our club has been in service to our community for more than 50 years. We are part of Kiwanis International, an organization serving children for over 100 years.


The Hilliard Kiwanis Club is involved in a variety of projects that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide. Below are some of the projects in which we are currently involved:

  • College scholarships to seniors in each of the three Hilliard high schools.
  • Support of the Hilliard Food Pantry through hosting Empty Bowls each year at the Hilliard Holiday Celebration.
  • Provide weekend food packs that include meals for the entire weekend to 120 students at JW Reason , Hilliard Horizon, Hilliard Crossings, Scioto Darby and Hoffman Trails Elementary Schools
  • Support of the Key Clubs at Hilliard Bradley, Hilliard Darby and Hilliard Davidson High Schools, and K-Kids at Hilliard Horizon and Hoffman Trails Elementary Schools.
  • The Eliminate Project–a world service project aimed at eradicating maternal and neonatal tetanus in developing countries around the world.
  • Support of youth leadership activities, especially Key Leader.
  • Sponsorship of the Hilliard Children’s Business Fair
  • Sponsorship of Choose to Lead a one day leadership event for Hilliard Elementary School Students.

Feeding Hilliard Students

In 2018, we started an initiative to feed our kids in Hilliard. How are we doing this? By partnering with schools in Hilliard City Schools to provide weekend bags of food for our hungry students. We have partnered with 6 schools to date, Hilliard Crossings, Hilliard Horizon, Hilliard Station 6th Grade School, JW Reason, Scioto Darby and Hoffman Trails Elementary Schools. We want to ensure that every student in Hilliard is ready to learn.

We are also helping support in school food pantries that were started by a Hilliard Darby High School Key Club Member. We support in school food pantries at Hilliard Darby High School, Hilliard Davidson High School, Hilliard Heritage Middle School, Hilliard Memorial Middle School, Hilliard Weaver Middle School, Station 6th Grade Building, Tharp 6th Grade Building, Hilliard Beacon, Hilliard Crossing, Hilliard Horizon, Scioto Darby, Innovative Learning Center and The Hub

Club Officers

  • President –Valarie Scheel
  • Secretary — Lanton Lee
  • Treasurer — Rodney Garnett
  • Immediate Past President — Lori Lee

Board of Directors

  • Ted Barrows
  • Chuck Buck
  • Laura Caito
  • Don Oates
  • Carol Parker
Patches of Light

Our mission

Our mission at Patches of Light is to assist families with critically and terminally ill children so that they can remain together during their hospitalizations and treatments. Our funding is used to pay for past due mortgages, rent, and utilities. We provide phone cards, gas cards, grocery cards and parking tokens. Many parents do not even have the comfort of knowing whether they can make it to the hospital on a daily basis.

Patches of Light assists with emergencies such as: auto repairs, housing for long distance care, airline tickets, supporting families that stay at the Ronald McDonald House, extermination and/or purification items for bone-marrow patients homes and much more. We have assisted families throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We have also helped families from Africa, England, and Palestine.

Patches of Light is based and founded on the experiences of Rodney and Mindy Atwood. The Atwood’s have experienced first-hand the hardship, heartache and stress that accompanies having a critically ill child.

Every day, we receive requests for help from families in need. Although Patches of Light cannot solve the problems every family faces when a child is ill, with your help, we can continue to make a profound difference in their lives and in our communities. Patches of Light receives no federal or state funding of any kind. Our Board of Directors help as volunteers and over 90% of all money donated goes to help our sponsored families, so it all boils down to YOU! Help us reach even MORE families in need by joining us today.Whether you give your time or your financial resources or help by providing treatment journals or HUG bags—either as a corporation or as an individual—your involvement will have a significant impact. Nothing is too small! No matter what kind of contribution you make, it could well be one of the most rewarding things you ever do!

Board of Directors

Patriot Pin Up

Patriot Pin Up, Inc works to boost morale for those serving our nation, past and present, by sending care packages to our troops and visiting our VA hospitals.

Our mission

Our mission is ensure that every veteran and service member knows their story will be heard, their sacrifice remembered, their memory honored, and their service appreciated.

What we have accomplished so far thanks to you!
Raised $2,970.00 for the Honor Flight Network
Sent over 3900 Care Packages to date
Attended approx 75 Honor Flights nationwide
Raised $1,200.00 for wounded veterans
Worked on a Homes for Our Troops build
Raised $200.00 for Army veteran all-terrain wheelchair
Visited VA facilities to visit with our heroes
Raised $700 for the USO
Raised $280.00 for Dogs 4 Warriors
Served meals to veterans at AmVets, HF Breakfasts, Rolling Thunder Christmas dinners, and Hospice centers
Collected dozens of coats, hats, gloves, and scarfs for homeless veterans
Participated in flag ceremonies and the Remembrance Table of The International Series
Welcomed home Troops from deployment
Sent dinners to veterans families in need
Attended the Swearing In of new recruits to give our thanks
Raised $215 for VFW roof repair
Made get well baskets for ill and recovering veterans
Visit veterans in Hospice or their homes to deliver homemade pies and give our thanks
And so much more is already in the works!

Son Ministries

Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries is a faith based not for profit which partners with children and families facing the unique challenges of suburban poverty in Hilliard and beyond. We mobilize life-improving resources and connect families to these resources (some of which we facilitate) and to a network of organizations and people who together strive to help strengthen families and our community. We offer a respect-filled HAND UP to those in need and mobilize the community to Serve Our Neighbor!


SON Ministries is the catalyst bringing the community together in the Hilliard City School District to be a place where:

  • No child experiences the hopelessness of hunger.
  • Families working their way out of poverty are connected to resources that will meet their basic needs, so hope is restored, families are stabilized and community is built.
  • Local churches partner to demonstrate the gospel through their service and by building relationships with people in need. People understand the gospel and some choose to respond.

When you donate to Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries you are helping children and families overcome poverty in the suburbs of Columbus.

Kim Emch, Founder and Executive Director,

Board of Directors

  • HanadiAltawil, Ohio Dominican University and Columbus State Community College
  • Irma Chon, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church
  • Helen Davidson, Make-A-Wish
  • Bart Griffin, Griffin-Lantz Insurance
  • Shawn Oakley, Huntington National Bank
  • Guru Vasudeva, Nationwide Mutual Insurance
  • Michael Stauffer, American Electric Power